Writing for Children and Young Adult (ebook)

Whether picture book or novel, fiction or nonfiction, writing for a young audience is about creating vibrant connection with the children or young adults who read your book. To enable young readers to plunge into the world you create, you need a grounding in the fundamental elements of a children’s story and in the craft of writing. This way your story can inspire and educate your readers, and meet the need so publishers.

Loaded with illustrative examples, Writing for Children and Young Adults will show you how to translate your ideas into stories that will delight, intrigue and satisfy your readers—and ultimately results in a manuscript that sells.

Learn how to –

  • Determine which age group to write for
  • Develop believable characters
  • Discover what motivates your characters
  • Write the firs line – and the firs chapter
  • Research settings
  • Write realistic dialogue
  • Use conflict and tension effectively
  • Work turning points into your plot
  • Create intimacy with the reader
  • Banish writer’s block
  • Submit your manuscript to publishers
  • Deal with criticism
  • Promote your published book

In addition to the printed forms, this book also includes a CD-ROM for use on a Window-based PC. The CD-ROM contains examples, worksheets and additional resources.

Self Counsel Press

Adoptive parents need more than basic parenting skills and information. They need specific education around adoption and the effect of adoption on their children. Knowledge and skills help when dealing with the “I don’t belong” anxiety of their children. And humor is essential.

Mother of a step-daughter, biological daughter, and two adopted sons, Crook explores the changing world of adoption from her particular view which includes that basic skill–humour. Adoptive parents will find information and insights based on academic research but written in an informal style.

Marion Crook, PhD, is the author of twenty-one previous books which include novels and books on such subjects as women’s health, teen suicide and body image. She is an adoptive parent and lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

Published by Arsenal Pulp Press
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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