Hazards in Hampshire The British Book Tour Mysteries  Book

 From: Camel Press

Claire expected her hostess to be boring, not dead. A body in the pavilion is too much reality for tour guide Claire Barclay. Her tourists are intrigued, but Claire finds her position as a suspect highly uncomfortable.

Claire Barclay returns to England from her last post in Seattle, finally buying a house in a village and settling down at forty-six. She responds to an invitation to tea and stumbles upon the murdered body of Mrs. Paulson, a prominent villager. As the first person to find the victim, she is one of the first to be investigated by the police. She answers the persistent questions of Detective Inspector Mark Evans and convinces him she did not kill Mrs. Paulson. By then, she is determined to find out who did kill her. Mrs. Paulson had been the president of the local Mystery Books Club? Was the motive for murder located in the archives of the book club? Three ladies from San Francisco join Claire’s book tour and, with avid curiosity, help Claire investigate the murder. Complicated by Claire`s need to care for her newly acquired Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, they travel through Hampshire, Sussex and Oxfordshire to visit sites of mystery writers such as Carola Dunn, Rhys Bowen, Agatha Christie, Hamilton Crane and Jeanne Dams. The tourists are enthusiastic about mystery novels and also about the local murder and offer imaginative solutions. Claire listens to their advice, attempting to ferreting out the story behind the murder while trying not to impede the official enquiry of the increasingly attractive Detective Inspector Mark Evans.

An independent woman, her dog and murder. Throw in a Hampshire village and you have the perfect setting for a cozy.

Camel Press
ISBN 978194189068
Trade Paperback $15.95 US
Trade Paperback $18.95 CAN
E-book $4.95 (US)


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