About the Author Marion Crook and Emma Dakin

Emma Dakin is Marion Crook but writes a series of cozy mysteries set in England. Hazards in Hampshire  (2019) and Crime in Cornwall (2020) are the first in the British Book Tour Mysteries. Perils in Yorkshire is to follow, then Danger in Edinburgh and two more. Check these out on Amazon

US https://tinyurl.com/y935amzt

Canada https://tinyurl.com/y788ashz 

Marion Crook creates adventures, mysteries and practical books of instruction. She researches her fiction as carefully as she researches her nonfiction, interviewing people who meet challenges, hardship, joy and excitement.

Marion is an intrepid traveler from the rural community of Arctic Bay to the Appalachian hills of Kentucky, continually seeking new ideas from the people she meets. In addition to being a writer, she has been a rancher, a public health nurse, a researcher and a university teacher. An experienced speaker, Marion Crook, can inspire groups to have confidence in their own writing, as well as give readings and comments on her own writings.

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  • PhD Faculty of Education University of British Columbia
  • MA, Liberal Studies Simon Fraser University
  • BScN, Seattle University


Full time faculty at Kwantlen Polytechnic University for eleven years. Also taught at University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University short courses.


British Columbia Arts Award 2018

Writing – Non Fiction

  • (2016) Thicker Than Blood: Adoptive Parenting in the Modern World
  • (2016) Writing for Children and Young Adults. Self-Counsel Press. North Vancouver.
  • (2003) Out of the Darkness: Teens talk about suicide Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver.
  • (2000) The Face in the Mirror: teenagers and adoption. Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver,
  • (1998) Writing Books For Kids and Teens. Self-Counsel Press, North Vancouver.
  • (1995)  My Body: Women Speak Out About Their Health Care. Plenum Publishing,  New York.
  • (1997) Suicide: Teens Talk To Teens. (NC Press, 1988, 1990), Self-Counsel Press, North Vancouver.
    translation: Korean, Chinese, French (1996) Editions Sciences et Culture, Montreal..
  • (1992) Looking Good: Teenagers and Eating Disorders. NC Press, Toronto.
    translation: Italian
  • (1991) The Body Image Trap. Self Counsel Press, North Vancouver.
    translation: Chinese, Russian, Czechoslovakian.
  • (1992) Viewer’s Guide to “The Trials of Eve”. Jordan-Bastow Productions, North Vancouver.
  • (1988. 1992)Please Listen to Me: Your Guide to Understanding Teenagers and Suicide. Self-Counsel Press, North Vancouver.
    translation: Chinese


  • (2019) Crime in Cornwall  The British Book Tour Mysteries Book 2, Camel Press, Seattle.
  • (2018) Hazards in Hampshire The British Book Tour Mysteries Book 1. Camel Press, Seattle.
  • (1998) Cutting It Close. James Lorimer & Co., Toronto.
  • (1996) Riding Scared, James Lorimer & Co,.Toronto.
  • (1995) Summer of Madness. Orca Books, Victoria.
  • (1992) Riptide!. Stoddart Publishing, General Publishing, Toronto.
  • (1991) Island Feud. Stoddart Publishing, General Publishing, Toronto .
  • translation: Romanian
  • (1988) Crosscurrents. Grolier Ltd., General Publishing, Toronto.
    translation: French, (1995) Heritage Jeunesse, Saint-Lambert.
  • (1988) No Safe Place. Grolier, Toronto, General Publishing.
  • (1987) Stone Dead. Grolier, Torono, General Publishing.
    translation: (1994) Norwegian, Stabenfeldt, Falum,
  • (1987) Hidden Gold Mystery. Grolier Ltd., Toronto, General Publishing.
    translation: French, (1995) Heritage Jeunesse, Saint-Lambert, pp 200.
  • (1987) Payment in Death.  Grolier Ltd., Toronto,  General Publishing.


  • Crook, Marion & Norris, Linda. (2010) Gibsons’ Gold.
  • Original music, Gaetan Bergevin. Lyrics, Marion Crook. Three Act Musical Comedy. Eight performances. United Players, Gibsons, BC.

Conference Papers, speaking engagements and published articles

  • “A true mosaic: Representing cultural populations in nursing students”. With Gurm, B; Symonds, D. Edmonton: Society for Teaching and Learning Conference, June 2007. With Gurm, B; Symonds, D. Pacific Nursing Research Conference, Feb. 2006
  • “Crack cocaine addiction: Nursing student’s knowledge and attitudes”. Pacific Nursing Research Conference, Hawaii, Feb 2006
  • “Building capacity for healthy living”. National Aboriginal Injury Prevention Conference Winnipeg, MN June, 2004
  • “Writing narrative inquiry with skill and expertise.” Vaines Symposium, U.B.C.Sept 20, 2003.
  • “Despair/Hope The difficult metonymic space/generating emptiness and new life -The cr/ack of crack.” Winnipeg: Canadian Council of Teachers of English Language Arts. English Quarterly, Vol 33, no. 3 & 4, 2001.
  • “Working with Teens,” Transitions, Ottawa: The Vanier Institute of the Family, Autumn 2001.
  • “Rural high school education: the view of students around education in a northern rural high school in British Columbia,” American Educational Research Association, Seattle, April 2001
  • “Inter-racial Adoption” Adoption Education Program, guest appearance, Adoptive Parents  Association, Victoria, June 23, 01
  • “As we see it: students= narratives of educational advantages and disadvantages in a northern, rural high school,” Ministry of Education Sponsored Research Symposium and Data Workshops, February 2001
  • “Writing non-fiction for teens,” Winnipeg Writers= Festival, Winnipeg, Oct. 13, 2000
    Workshop on preventing suicide in aboriginal teens with Rod McCormick and Chris Patsey, CASP conference, Vancouver, Oct 11, 2000
  • “Writing for Kids and Teens,” Word on the Street, Vancouver, Sept 24, 2000
  • “Writing to Control the world: Aboriginal teen women and writing,” CSSE, Edmonton, May, 2000. Published English Quarterly, 2000.
  • “Controlling the Body: an exploration of the ways in which teens use their choice to live or die as a locus of social control,” Permeable Boundaries: disciplines in dialogue, UBC, February 2, 1999.
  • “Story as a Validation of Teen Culture,” Journal of Curriculum Theorizing Conference, Bloomington, Indiana, October 1998
  • “How Teens Can Help,” Let’s Live Conference, Regina, SK, October 1996
  • National Ethics Council on Research Conference, Feb, 2009
  • National Ethics Council on Research Conference, Feb. 2008, Ottawa
  • Aboriginal Research Conference, Nov 2008, Prince George, BC

Editorial Experience

Editing Gangs: Your Part by Dianne Symonds and Keiron McConnell September, 2019.

  • Member of Committee which wrote Kwantlen Capacity Development Camp manual for Aboriginal elementary school children’s summer camp, (2002)
  • Consulted in production of text book for First Nations 12 course for Province of British Columbia, by Pacific Educational Press, 2001
  • Edited manuscript of “Women’s Health Issues.” Editors: Dr. L. Heber and Dr. Teresa George, 1999
  • Consulted with Force Four Productions on “You, Me and the Kids,” production March 1998
  • Canada Council Short Term Grant Evaluations, February, 1997.
  • Guest Editorial, Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention, CASP front page, Winter 1996


Public Health nurse in the Cariboo country of British Columbia and Richmond and Surrey, BC. Hospital nurse for a year and half in the Cariboo.

As may be apparent from the above list, Marion wrote many books in the 1990s and 2000s, researching and writing with the support of many organizations. She began her Masters degree in 1992 and graduated in 1995; began her PhD in 1998 and graduated in 2001, still researching and writing. Once she started teaching full time, the writing slowed down while the demands of students and lesson plans took over much of her time. Now that she is no longer a full time teacher, she is back to writing. She is enjoying the new organized approach that the years of teaching have given to her writing, while reveling in the freedom to enjoy the writing process.


All awards listed below required proposal writing, and were competitive.

  • Kwantlen University, Divisional Grant 2003
  • Government of BC, Dept. of Education, 2000
  • Government of Canada, SSHRC, 1999, 2000, 2001
  • University of BC, UGF, 1998
  • Chris Spencer Foundation, 1998
  • Canada Council, 1995
  • BC Cultural Grant, 1995
  • Secretary of State, 1993, 1994
  • Canada Council, 1992
  • BC Cultural Grant, 1992
  • Van Dusen Project Fund, 1992

Community Education and Public Relations

  • Member of the Research Ethics Board, Kwantlen University College, 2001 to 2004, 2006-2010
  • Chair Research Ethics Board, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, 2009 – 2010
  • Member of committee for the organization of the Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention national conference Oct 11-14, 2000
  • Appointed by the provincial government as a member of the Advisory Council to the Minister of Health on Women’s Health Issues, member of the Mental Health Sub-committee 1997 – 1999
  • Approximately 30 guest appearances on television 1989 to present
  • Approximately 70 guest interviews on radio 1989 to present
    • Winnipeg Writers’ Festival, reading and high school classes
    • Keynote speaker on literacy Dallos Middle School, Powell River,
    • Speaker, teacher’s professional day, Surrey
    • Speaker, educational faculty on children’s literature, Hebe Theatre, UBC
    • Speaker, First Nations ACCESS Program, UBC
    • Teen writing in workshops in five Fraser Valley Libraries
    • Surrey Writers’ Conference, seminar leader 1998, 1999
    • Guest panelist on Word on the Street@ Vancouver, BC 1998, 1999, 2000

Professional Societies

  • Crime Writers of Canada
  • The Writers’ Union of Canada
  • Children’s Writers and Illustrators of BC, CWILL