Summer of Madness (ebook)

Sixteen-year-old Karen Stewartson is proud of her ability to keep her emotions in check. Common sense and reason are the keys to getting through life, especially this summer when her mother is away and Karen takes on extra responsibilities on the family cattle ranch in the Cariboo country of British Columbia. Even Kevin, who has known her forever, cannot break through the wall of self-control Karen has built around herself.

But this summer, someone begins to poison the livestock and events spiral out of control. Karen’s belief in herself crumbles as she struggles to keep a tight rein on her emotions. Without anger, hate or even love, can she really be as mature as she has always thought?

Marion Crook has created a powerful characterization of an independent teenager, one  who is aware of her responsibilities but is meeting new challenges, Crook masterfully  weaves a story of intrigue as she introduces all the elements and characters that influence  the final outcome. This novel promotes discussion of many ethical issues, as well as the  pressure on a teen girl living on a ranch. – Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy 

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