Camping in the Chilcotin

What a busy and stimulating time I’ve been having with Always on Call: Adventures in Nursing, Ranching and Rural Living. My launch at Gibsons Public Library at the end of April was cancelled when a transformer blew by the library and the power went out. It was rescheduled for Saturday March 25th. I flew up to Williams Lake for a launch at The open Book, a huge bookstore in downtown Williams Lake. So many of you turned out for it I was talking steadily for over two hours. It was great fun. Thanks for all who showed up. Thanks, as well, to Angela, Katalin and the whole crew at the book store who were so welcoming and brought me tea and then coffee when I was getting tired. Angela had ordered 100 books. 100 books! I felt like J.K. Rowling. Welcome, to those who signed up for my newsletter.

I stayed with friends in Williams Lake who, after the launch, drove me around to see the town and then up to where our ranch was. It was still beautiful country and, in the sunshine and warm weather, a treat to wander over.

Heritage House Publishing, the publishers of Always on Call produced a trailer for the book.

I watched it and wondered who this gracious, friendly woman was. I’m sure I’m more sardonic and fast-talking than I appear here.

Murder in Vancouver 1886 (Epicenter Press) was released May 14th. This novel featuring Miss Amy MacDonald, schoolteacher, in the new city of Vancouver, Canada, tells the story of the murder of a Metis man and the threats of rebellions, riots against the Chinese population and fire. This is a new series.

Recommendation: Shadows in Sussex: The British Book Tour Mysteries Book 5  has been in bookstores since last September. Last week I was contacted by the author of Less Than by A.D. Long. She’d read Shadows in Sussex and thought I would be interested in her book. She wrote a novel, the story of   young man who became addicted to drugs, which should be required reading by all. She has the ability to get into her protagonist’s head and make the reader understand how this young man made choices. Well-written by a knowledgeable nurse.

Upcoming appearances for Always on Call

Black Bond Books in White Rock, BC, Saturday June 15th at 11:30 – 1:30 .  I’m looking forward to it. I hope to see friends, cousins and new readers there.