Approaching the airport at Terrace, BC


As Emma Dakin I enjoyed the Left Coast Crime’s The Seattle Shakedown in Bellevue, WA, north of Seattle, on a beautiful few days in mid-April. There seemed to be about five hundred readers and writers there which was small enough to allow friendships to develop but large enough to give us a variety of sessions to attend. I travelled there with two notable readers: Linda and Colleen who knew all the organizers as they had organized the last Vancouver conference and many of the writers. They contributed much to my experience so thanks to you. I had  lunch with my publishers Jennifer McCord and her husband Murry, Phil Garnet from Camel Press. Pricilla Paton another author who is published by the same publishers.
We nattered away with great enjoyment about publishing and our books.

I was home for two days then hosted my friends for our annual Gibsons lunch experience and the off to Terrace, BC to visit my grandchildren and read from Always on Call at the Terrace Public Library hosted by Misty River Books and the Terrace Public Library. It was well-attended with many nurses in the audience. Nurses have so many stories. I hope I inspired some of them to write their own books, so I can read them.

Back home, I got ready for my reading from Always on Call at the Gibsons library. I persuaded my paddling crew to show up early so I could get a good paddle in before the event. They agreed and we had the canoe in the water and ready to go when I tripped on the dock and landed awkwardly on my knee. The pain of it kept me immobile for a time. My crew, like the caring flock they, are drove me home where I iced my knee wondering how I was going to load books in the car and drive to the library when I couldn’t walk. I got a phone call from the librarian who told me that something had knocked out the transformer near the library and the power was off. In case some of my Zoom friends were not aware of the cancellation, I went on line at 2 pm and had a lovely conversation with six readers who clicked in. Such serendipitous timing makes a person wonder who is in charge of managing the universe. The library closed. The reading was cancelled. The problem of transporting the books was solved. No reading that day. It’s rescheduled for May 25th at 2 pm. I froze the cake and the brownies.

May should be less hectic with two events scheduled. One as mentioned above at the Gibsons Public Library and the other on Friday May 17th at the Williams Lake Public Library hosted by The Open Book, the marvelous books store in downtown Williams Lake.

I hope to see as many of you as possible at those events as I look forward to a good chat.