Happy New Year to all.

A huge tree fell beside my daughter and son-in-law’s house while we were enjoying a sumptuous Christmas dinner. The noise was tremendous. We sat frozen registering that the four of us and three dogs were all still alive. It’s not a Christmas I’m going to forget.

The new year is shaping up to be busy.

Always on Call: Adventures in Nursing, Ranching and Rural Life, Heritage House Publishing, is set to release April 2, 2024. This is a memoir set in 1975-76 in the Cariboo.

Murder in Vancouver 1886, Epicenter Press is set for release in May 2024. This is an historical mystery set in Vancouver, Canada.

Storms in the Cotswolds, Book 6 of the British Book Tour Mysteries (Camel Press) by me as Emma Dakin is set for release in September 2024.

This is a short blog as deadlines loom. More information next month.

May 2024 be healthy and happy for you and yours.