I am surrounded by blossoms as spring on the Sunshine Coast is lavish. the camellias are giving up, the crabapple and plum blossoms are in full glory while the rhododendrons are just beginning to display in my yard with scarlet profusion. They are on their own out there as I’m not doing much gardening.

I am finishing up the corrections on the proofs for Perils in Yorkshire which is scheduled for release in October of this year. The cover is ready and all should be in production soon. Crime in Cornwall should be out with Harlequin Worldwide Mysteries shortly. My memoir Always Pack a Candle with Heritage House is scheduled for release the middle of May and I have been doing some promotional work with the publishing house to let the world know that it’s coming. When all this work has been done, I will get back to Danger Edinburgh. I am doing revisions on the completed manuscript so that means meticulously combing the manuscript for errors. It is not scheduled for release until October 2022 but there’s work to do on it yet. So, even though the weather is tempting me to get outside and plant, weed and cut the lawn, I’m staying disciplined and getting the inside work done. The May long weekend will impel me to take those tiny bedding plants and set them out, trusting the snails, slugs, deer and raccoons will find another salad bar