I sent the British Book Tour Mysteries out to several publishers in the middle of June. The first book is Hazards in Hampshire. I got an enthusiastic response from Coffeetown Press (near Seattle), and I am happy to have signed with them. They publish Hazel Holt, and I love her work. We spent the summer finalizing the contract and making some plans. I expect to hear from the editor soon as I am sure I will need to give the manuscript more attention. In the meantime, I am updating my social media as I have let things slide away from me and, at some point, when I can organize a trip to town when my favourite photographer is in from Toronto, I will get a new photo. As well as getting my fiction ready for publishing, I am editing a non-fiction book on Youth Gangs. Fascinating and picky. Where do the commas go in APA? I am also re-writing my non-fiction Pack a Candle: Sixties Nursing in the Cariboo.  It is not yet ready as I had more advice that said I needed to increase the emotional content. There is a masters course at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference in October on just that subject, so I registered for it. That will come up quickly as I am off to Wales and Cornwall in September. -a research trip, right? I have spent the last three years putting my head down and writing. Now, I need to send my babies dancing out their into the world to see how they perform. Like any good mother, I will be encouraging them and supporting them–which is a full-time job. I expect I will be connecting with more of you on social media as we pay attention to our progeny.


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