It’s been a busy week. I plunged into the first rewrite of the adoption book. The publisher sent me several possible covers for it. The cover? Already? Great graphic artist put his  brilliance toward it. The cover is unexpected and dramatic. I hope I can live up to it. As soon as the publisher releases the cover, I’ll post it.

P1070256 I took the morning off and walked on this beach. A grey whale cruised back and forth, surfacing, blowing, then disappearing.

The deadline is December. The sales staff and the marketing department are moving this project along. No pressure. Just keep writing. It’s fine. No problem. I will have the book finished by December. I am on schedule, but I know that as the deadline looms, I will want more time to make it richer, more literate, more appealing, outstanding, and ground-breaking. What every author wants. There is never a perfect time to stop. If I paid attention to my feelings about the end of the writing process, I’d never publish anything. It’s a good thing there are publishers with deadlines.


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