P1070256Back to writing. This is the kind I like best. I have the rough draft completed; I need to make it sing. Some days that is a joy and some days it is hard work, but I have the shape and the content roughed out. I am heading to the Adoption Conference in LA on the 29th where I will immerse myself in the world of adopting parents and learn more from the attendees and lectures there. More than I can even dream of here in my aerie swaying above the world in my nest, typing . It’s tempting to ignore all that new information, but diving into the sea of ideas and new trends at Los Angeles will invigorate me and my writing. I just need to get enough accomplished before that to make the whole (expensive) foray worthwhile. And then, just when I have my world organized, my publisher asks for an excerpt for the sales staff. This book is due the end of December. I’m not ready! But it is thrilling to think that a sales staff is interested in it so far ahead. A little unnerving as well.


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