OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI just finished the first draft of Adoptive Parenting for Arsenal Pulp Press in Vancouver. I know it is in no shape for anyone’s eyes but mine, but it feels wonderful to have the essential shape of it in the computer. I now have to spend the next six months re-writing it so it reads well, and uses language that is succinct, lyrical and a joy to read. Yes. That’s the goal. Of course, I’m attending the North American Conference on Adoptiable Children at the end of July and I will probably learn enough there for a complete re-write, but the first draft is done. I need to celebrate the milestones or the hours of research, writing and the resulting permanent cramp in my right shoulder will seem onerous. All authors out there know that feeling. I should take a couple of days off and luxurate in the feeling of completion. Go paddling, swimming, take in the music in the village. All it takes to defalte this is to go back and read Chapter One and wonder “Who wrote this drivel?” That’s for next week.

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