A blustery day as Winnie-the-Pooh would say. Wind bringing in the wave and heaving them up onto the shore. The logs tangled below the step , shifting  and rolling with the incoming waves.  Crows, who I suspect have a sense of humour,  perched   on the top of a cottonwood tree, swaying and  bouncing as the branches toss in the gusts.  Most of them shoot up into the air, whirl and soar on the oncoming strengthening wind as I pass below them.   They are called “tricksters” in the local First Nations community–shapes that lead us on and trick us, sometimes maliciously. These crows just seem to be having fun.  It’s editing time on one manuscript, marketing on another and planning the research for another. The planning and research are my favoured activity. Research usually involves travel. Planning is half the fun of travel.



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