What I’m reading now

June 6, 2016

I am rolling through book after book of the Aaron Elkins’ Axil London series. I wish Kerry Greenwood would get her new book out in the Corinna Chapman series. I see it is scheduled of 2019. That’s a long time to wait for it. I’m also reading. I’m also reading An Introduction to Brain and Behavior by Kolb and Whishaw just to stay grounded.


The Janie Bolitho series set in Cornwall. Since I am writing a book set in Cornwall, and I am going to Cornwall soon, I have been indulging in her great cozy mysteries. I have read: Snapped in Cornwall, Framed in Cornwall, Buried in Cornwall, Betrayed in Cornwall, Plotted in Cornwall,and I’m just going to start Caught in Cornwall. My book was called Crime in Cornwall, but since I discovered Janie Bolitho, I can see that my title might need a change. Too bad, because it followed Hazards in Hampshire and seemed such a succinct and fitting title. We’ll see.


Heart of a Champion by Ellen Schwartz  (Middle grade)

Set in Vancouver, BC in the 1940s in the Japanese community Heart of a Champion  follows the experiences of a nine-year-old Kenny (Kenji) Sakamoto as his family is subjected to the racial prejudice of the times, disrupted, robbed by the government and sent to an internment camp. The story is told from Kenny’s point of view throughout, a remarkable skill of the writer and one middle grade readers will appreciate. What the reader sees and understands is seen and understood through Kenny’s eyes.  Kenny’s has ambitions, but he must adapt, refocus, and work hard to find his way in a bewildering new environment. This is a wonderful story of a boy who did the best he could and found his own strength in facing  the physical  challenges, the emotional upheavals, and the social prejudice of those times.

The story should provide much discussion with other readers and within a family. Prejudice such as Kenny experienced happens today with much the same motivations as in the past. I have heard remarks such as Kenny heard only directed to Aboriginal people. Each era choses its own scapegoat and it is no more acceptable now than it was in the past.

This is a rare story that not only entertains but provokes the reader to think. This book is going to win prizes for excellence.



Miss Silver 9What a bargain! Nine novels for $3.52 Cd (less in the US). Lovely long sentences with vocabularly I have yet to learn–“peculation” means embellzement. Who knew? Patricia Wentworth does. She sets out her suspects, bulds up a case against each and systematically destroys the case until all the evidence points to the murderer, tying all the points up as neatly as one of Miss Silver’s ubiquitous knitting projects. I wish I had written about an unwelcome guest, “”She would come on a visit and stay until some dynamic quarrel hurled her on to the next suffering relative.”


Forensic  psychologist Cait Morgan lands smack in the middle of a murder in the first chapter and we are off to a rollicking but intellectually stimulating pursuit of truth. Order Amazon http://ow.ly/Em7T9

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