What I am working on now

April 11, 2017

I am working on my second book in a cozy mystery series set in Cornwall. My first was set in Hampshire and the next will be in York. I have also been asked to write a chapter for the book I’m involved in with two other authors on Youth Gang Violence. My chapter sill be on Addictions and youth gangs. That is due at the end of the summer so I’d better get started on it..as soon as I finish the first draft of “Crime in Cornwall.” I have written another article on the history of adoption in BC for Focus on Adoption Magazine for the summer issue. I have also contracted to write another for the Fall issue and another for the following Winter issue. My agent had the three books in the Dr. MacNab series and we hope to get a publisher for them so that I can continue that series.

March 22, 2016

Both non-fiction books are at the publishers. Thicker Than Blood: Adoptive Parenting in the Modern World has a release date of May 2016. Review copies are going out now. Writing for Children and Young Adults is scheduled for release as an ebook and a hard copy in early September 2016. I am now back writing fiction and I have finished my first draft of the third book in the Dr. MacNab series.  It should go out to readers this week. As usual, I’m not happy with the plot so hope to have a brilliant idea between now and Thursday. AS usual, I love the characters.


Jan 14, 2016

I am chained to my computer working on the revisions the editor would like to see. It’s grueling. Nice to have eyes on the manuscript that notice periods, commas and those slippery citations. Writing for Children and Young Adults will be out next month–I think Self-Counsel Press. Thicker Than Blood: Adoptive Parenting in the Modern World should follow in a month or so from Arsenal Pulp Press. Very busy and no fiction writing until the editing is finished on the nonfiction.


June 4, 2015

I am learning more and more everyday as I reasearch this book on adoption. I would like to apologize to my two sons for my ignorance when they were growing up under my apparently bumbling auspices. If I could do it again I would apply the many ideas I’m exploring now and they would have benefited. Amazing they managed to grow up in spite of my ignorance. And I thought I was on the cutting edge of knowledge on adoption in those days. What a lot has changed.

Working through chapter seven this week. On schedule.



April 17, 2015


I am deep into the research of

Adoptive Parenting (working title) for Arsenal Pulp Press. The deadline may seem far off, the end of the year, but I must do a great deal of research before I can write. Research eats up time. It would be better, of course, if it wasn’t so fascinating that I didn’t wander off after every tangential idea that crosses my path. I have a schedule! And years of discipline. I’ll get there.

Whatever Works Young Adult novel  I am joining several other authors at a retreat in May and I will take this manuscript with me for their critique.

Writing for Children and Young Adults (3rd ed.) ms at publisher’s awaiting editing. Release date Spring 2015

Smacking Down a Sniper: A Dr. MacNab Mystery Book 1. Adult cozy mystery.  Sent out to publisher for consideration.  First in the series with Cathy MacNab ,62-year-old veterinarian protagonist

Shaking Up the Artists: A Dr. MacNab Mystery  Adult cozy mystery Book 2. Awaiting editing and sale of Book 1.

 The Waterfront Café  Book 1 Adult cozy mystery. Protagonist is a 42-year-old retired nurse turned café owner. Ms is sitting waiting to settle before sending out.

Feeding the Wolves: youth gangs and violence with Dr. Dianne Symonds. At research stage. This is also getting fascinating.