First draft completed

I just finished the first draft of a novel. It feels as though I have dug a mile of a deep ditch and I can now look back and see how well I did. Does that plot line run a straight line? Is there sufficient surprise in the plot so an intelligent reader will enjoy it? It always feels as if I have written total drivel, but I know that is my usual reaction and I need to ignore it for now. If I still feel that way after the first re-write there may be a cause.

I need a couple of days away from my manuscript before I go back and write, enjoying the immersion in the words that the first re-write gives me. I will spend twenty minutes looking for the most precise word to describe the colour of the sky: azure, cobalt, cerulean. Different characters would choose different words. One might even call it blue. I’ll wonder why I had never used the word “immense” in my writing. I’ll look up origins of words, for heaven’s sake. Words, lovely words. I’ll start that re-write on Monday.

This slight hiatus in my writing schedule gives me time to check over my files in a relaxed and almost idle manner. Amazing what I found.  I had at some time created a filter that shoved all my twitter responses into a “save” file without appearing in my “new messages” report. Some of those twitter messages, the ones I missed on the twitter site that had disappeared in the long scroll, have been sitting in the “save” file for quite a time. For all those who requested a following, my apologies. I hope I have answered you now. I’d better check and make sure I paid my utility bills. Fierce focus on writing can be detrimental to responsible living.

I’ll get out on the water this weekend and store up energy to tackle the next draft.