High School Friends at Black Bond Books in White Rock, BC

I’m losing track of all I have to do before July. I need to make some lists and catch up with everything I promised to do before the end of  the month. July is when I stop working so much and spend time with my granddaughter who arrives for a three-week visit. So it will be beach time, sailing (for my granddaughter), dog walking, visiting relatives and generally catching up on family. And gardening. July and August are the times my garden gives me the vegetables that I dream about the rest of the year.  While I admit they cost quite a lot in fertilizer, seeds, seedlings and garden tools, they are worth it. In the meantime it is grant application month which is hard work, and organizing my work schedule for the year. I am enthralled by an idea for a book and want to research it and get started, but I can’t do that until August and have to restrain myself.

I did have a great time at the book signing in White Rock. It was wonderful to connect with two friends from high school and with my bridesmaid and friend from my public health days in the Cariboo. We are all surprised we are so old.

I genuinely appreciate Heritage House Publishing for the advertising they do on both my books with them. Then publicity department is always ahead of my gigs and gets posters and flyers out to the community I am visiting, so that many people expect me. Monica, you are first class.

I am planning another trip to England in the fall. This time I have research to do in London and in Hampshire and Shropshire. I will need to have a list of questions, as this time I am going to the British Museum for some of my research and to British pubs for some other aspects of the research.

I have the air line tickets and two nights accommodation but have a lot more to nail down. Next week. I’ll do it next week.

I wish everyone some time off to relax and enjoy life this summer. I am planning of getting out on the ocean.

Credit Diane Hill