Summer  Photos Diane Hill

I am enjoying the attention I’m getting for willing the 2022 Lieutenant Governor’s Community History Award. I’m still thrilled or, as Rose one of my characters in The British Book Tour Mysteries would say, “I’m right chuffed.”

I was toying with writing a sequel to Always Pack a Candle and the award pushed me to get started on it. I have a rough draft written but the completed book is a year away. I set this one in the 1970s.

I have had my delightful ten-year-old granddaughter visiting for the last two and a half weeks. We went to some of the many beaches around here and I watched her swim and try out a paddle board. The ocean is just getting to a tolerable temperature for me but she loves it no matter how cold. She went off to sailing lessons and left me to work. Luckily, it wasn’t really hot during that time and I was able to concentrate.

I’m useless in the kind of weather we are having now—30’C. I’m BC native born and love the rain. It better rain soon as I have a book, Shadows in Sussex, to rewrite and must start it next week. If it’s hot, I’ll plant myself in front of the fan and the TV and watch The Great British Baking Show. Then I’ll try to get enough discipline to get up early and work or wait until after dark. The heat is not my friend. I’ll remember it fondly in the middle of January.

August is the month for conferences and speaking engagements, some on Zoom and some in person, some I have speaking engagements and some I attend to listen to others. I have enjoyed being a guest of Book Clubs, both on Zoom and in person. It always amazes me that these readers ask me questions I hadn’t considered.

I am speaking on Aug 11 at Words and Art Festival  sponsered by the Sunshine Coast Editors and Writers Society Davis Bay in person

and on Aug 12 When Words Collide Crime Writers of Canada on Zoom

August is going to be busy.

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