Photo credit Diane Hill

Hundreds of surf scoters flew over us as we were outrigger paddling in Howe Sounds yesterday. They are silent flyers so we didn’t hear them coming and they were suddenly beside us, flying low, wave after wave of them. They swooped around Keats island and out of sight. It was amazing. The photographer is our steersperson so while she is taking pictures we usually stop paddling. Our most exciting moments in the canoe, when the wind is up and are leaning on the ama to prevent tipping, are not recorded because we are all too busy.

I am trying to get all my travel documents, clothes and research questions ready for my two-week trip to England. There is lots I need to learn about Kent and the Cotswolds. I will report with pictures when I return. It feels quite strange to be travelling again.

I see Danger in Edinburgh is up for pre-order. Amazon is showing the kindle edition of the British Book Tours Mysteries as if that was all that was available, but when you click on the Kindle edition the paperback and audio.  (Except for Danger in Edinburgh which won’t be release until October). Not sure why they’ve changed the way they present the books. It is confusing.

The Crime Writers of Canada Awards of Excellence short list is out and while I’m not on it, but other local writers are.



Harbour publishing has a nominee, Sam Wiebe. Cathy Ace of Maple Ridge is another nominee.

Lots of good books out there.