Kayaks, the substitute for outrigger canoes.

The pandemic is easing here as more people are adhering to the public health guidelines and the heat of summer is slowly coming. We have fewer infections and very few deaths. Our social distancing remains, but more and more businesses are opening and life begins to look a bit more ‘normal’. I am setting a book in post pandemic times and that is taking an active imagination. What is normal life going to be like? I’ve had to set that new book aside for a few weeks as more opportunities come in my world.  Heritage House (Victoria, BC) just contracted with me for Pack a Candle  A Nurse in the Cariboo which is the story of my early years as a public health nurse in the Cariboo country of British Columbia. I’m looking forward to working with them.

As well, Camel Press is working hard with all three of my books in The Book Tour Mysteries series. Hazards in Hampshire, the first book is out now in Big Print which means, I believe, it is available in libraries in large print. Kudos to my publisher. Crime in Cornwall received careful attention from the editing department and is now up for pre-sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  The release date is October 6, 2020

Canada  https://tinyurl.com/y788ashz  

US  https://tinyurl.com/y935amzt

Have a peek at the cover. It’s lovely, thanks to artist Teresa Hanson.

The third book in the series Perils in Yorkshire is at the production stage at the publishers. The cover is in the process of painting by Teresa Hanson and I expect it to be just as stunning as the first two.

I missed my trip to England this year and hope I can travel again next spring. At least I am there in imagination with Claire as she enjoys the idiosyncratic worlds of the unique British cultures while she stumbles on crime.

I have enrolled in a course on advertising. It is not something I’m good at, but it’s something I need to understand. Since I can’t go to orchestra practice or on long trips in an outrigger canoe–there is no way to physically distance in either of those endeavors—I will spend my evenings doing lessons in the advertising course. Don’t expect much change as learning advertising for me is like a seal turning the Titanic, a very slow process. It’s interesting, though, a little like math.

In the meantime, the month moves into summer here at the ocean where as kayaks, paddle boards, snorkel masks and towels seem to proliferate in my yard. As do children and grandchildren.

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