I am again busy with revisions of one book and the creation of another. I once attempted to create a book in the morning and revise a different book in the afternoon. It wasn’t possible. For some people, it is, but I feel as though I am inhabiting two different worlds and even, as in this case, when the protagonist and many of the characters are the same, I can’t separate the settings and the different times. It becomes a confusing mess and impossible. I need to immerse myself in one book or the other. So, I will do the revisions and hope my plot line of the second book doesn’t disappear before I can get back to it.

Summer is swooshing in like an oncoming train. I’m not ready to let go of spring. I thought the Covid19 isolation would allow me to work at a leisurely pace, but it hasn’t. It’s surprising how the hours slide past when I’m on the computer. At the moment, there are no excuses for not working. All equipment is functional. I took my printer apart and vacuumed it, and it works. The new computer isn’t giving me any grief. My mail Outlook program occasionally gets cranky, but a reboot gives it a new attitude. There are no excuses for lazing around. The basement will likely never get cleaned, but my books will get written, and re-written, and revised, and copy edited and re-read before summer. I am determined.




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  • Linda Turnbull
    June 3, 2020 11:22 am

    Good on you. I will never finish my laundry…keep sorting and bagging! Damn isolation…no one but me sees the mess!

    • Marion Crook
      June 3, 2020 5:23 pm

      It seems that when I get busy, I somehow get busier. And I have my fourteen-year-old granddaughter visiting for the summer. I am hoping she will learn to cook.