Working through the new website

At Word Vancouver

It`s stimulating to work with a new format on the website, and a little daunting. I had become comfortable with the old process. Now, I have to consider every step in composing the blog and putting it up. I`m sure it is–as the service company assures me–much more efficient, but when I have to relearn the process, it feels slow. It looks much more modern, though, and that is worth all the time it takes to learn it.  With all the new ways of communicating both sending and receiving information, the challenges of learning and changing, it is comforting to walk to the mail box and get my mail the same way I`ve done since I first got an address. I wonder how long that will last?

The newsletter is coming out again. My plan is to release one a month around the third week of the month. There is a “Join Us” button on the main page of the website. There are events coming up now that September is here and the publishing world is back from vacation. From now until next June I will have less time to read books and more time to write them. I managed marathon reading time over the summer, enjoying the Murder on Location series (present day) by Sara Rosett—I think I read 14 of them– and then hopping over to her High Society Lady Detective s(1920s) series. That was fun. Beth Byers was another author I binge read. Her novels are set in the 1930s. That seems to be such a glamourous age. I haven’t set any novels in the 1920s or 30s. My only historical novel is Miss MacDonald of Vancouver 1886—which is a mere 133 years ago.

The Old Days

Word Vancouver is coming up in September. This is held in my part of the country in Vancouver where writers, publishers and readers mill around the Vancouver library and indulge in readings, workshops and publisher’s offerings. It is lively. I’m part of the Crime Writers of Canada booth there so should meet lots of readers and writers who love mysteries. My idea of bliss.