Release Date Getting Closer

I have bookmarks; I have business cards; I have rack cards on order. I’m working on a virtual tour for November. Hazards in Hampshire is on the way to a release at the end of October. Finally, I can get back to revisions on the third book in the British Book Tour Mysteries, Perils in Yorkshire. I could lose myself in that manuscript but I still have to pay attention to the business of writing and take time to communicate with readers and writers. Summer, though, tends to run away with me. I live near the beach, so I get visitors when the temperature soars. I enjoy them but I spend less time on the computer when they are here. September always seems like the beginning of the new year to me, and a chance to get increased energy for work. The fall is the time for organizing the conferences I’ll attend during the fall and the spring of next year. I’m thinking of setting Book Four of The British Book Tour Mysteries in Edinburgh. I’ve been there several times, but surely, I need to do more research?

Patrica Moyes said “Research is endlessly beguiling; it’s the writing that’s work.” I agree that research is endlessly beguiling.