I’m in the front, enjoying it.

Hello all, I never expected to be away from my blog for so long but summer happened–and children and grandchildren and deadlines.

I’m back. I hope with more intention to be a regular blogger, but probably just fit it in around the writing.

I wrote a series of articles for Focus on Adoption magazine. https://www.bcadoption.com/focus-adoption-magazine two of which have been published but all of which have been written. This is subsequent to Thicker Than Blood: Adoptive Parenting in the Modern World came out last year with Arsenal Pulp Press. It was a pleasure to work with the staff there and lovely to see my work in print, enhanced by side bars the editor pulled out of the ms.  I wrote for Southern Writers’ Magazine in July and that was fun. Nice to write about writing.

Back to writing every day now with no little ones around—I don’t know how you mothers do it. I can’t remember how I did it.

I got some grant applications off. That takes much more time than I think it is going to because I still need someone to read over my applications to make sure I haven’t left out a letter in “public”—I did, but my reader caught it–or make other glaring errors that would negate all my hours of work.

I’m starting another book proposal and that also takes work. It’s more fun to just write, but as everyone knows, writing requires prep, cooperation and responses to inquiries.

I’m also getting ready to go to Bouchercon in Toronto in October. The Crimewriters of Canada will be obvious there as we have a booth and plan to be hospitable to all those amazing writers and readers who come from all over the world. I booked a room about five blocks form the hotel and at the moment I can’t walk far at all. Do not, dear readers, shove a 400-pound outrigger canoe without checking your body mechanics.  The doctor tells me it will heal. I trust in time for Bouchercon.

September always feels like the start of a new year. I plan my year from September to September. At some point soon, I will stop planning and get into the meat of the next book.

Happy writing everyone.



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