I thought something had crashed onto my roof top last night. There was a roar, what seemed like something rolling over the roof and then a huge “thud” which shook the house. The upper floor swayed for a moment. The cat and I sat mesmerized, staring at the ceiling for the encore. Then nothing. For a few moments, I thought my solar panels had torn off the house. Nope. An earthquake . 3.6 on the Richter scale, the epi-centre not twenty miles from us. Lots of talk the next day in the neighbourhood. Much discussion about how no one has an earthquake kit. There seems to have been no damage to anyone’s house and all appears normal today. I took the dog for her usual run on the beach. The water was calm. The wild life unaffected. While I live on an earthquake faul,t I cannot remember experiencing any since I was a child. Last night was a reminder that no one knows when Mother Earth will shake us up again. All that power is impressive.



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